strawberry banana muffins

1.Butter 60 gms ( melted)
Sugar 150 gms
1 large egg
Mix these together & keep it aside
2.Then take 3-4 fresh strawberry, 1 banana & 1/2 cup milk, grind it together & keep it aside.
3. 225 gms self raising flour ( or 225 gm plain flour+2 tsp baking powder+1/4 tsp salt, mix well)
4. 1 cup sliced fresh strawberry

Mix 1& 2 then add 3 finely the chopped strawberry (4)
Don’t overmix once you add flour & strawberry)
Your batter is ready now. Pour it into the cup cake tray & bake in a 375 degree F preheated oven for 15-20 mts or until it’s done.
Decorate with some strawberry buttercream & enjoy. No doubt it’s very yummy ..

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