Doughnut (aka – Donut)

4 cup flour
2 pinch salt
4 Tbs sugar
2 egg
90 gm butter melted
1 tsp vanilla essence
250 ml warm milk 2 sachet yeast
Highly recommend a stand mixer with dough cook or really strong muscles. Mix all the number 2 ingredients and then add number 1 ingredients. Mix Throughly in stand mixer almost 8-10 mts. If you are using your hand knead thoroughly.( when you stretch your dough it won’t broken, need to stretch thinly , that’s the right dough for perfect donut.) once it’s ready, put it in a bowl and cover it and keep it in a warm place to double the dough. Then using a rolling pin & roll it into 1 inch thick. Then using 2 size round cutter 1 small & 1 big cutter and cut out the donuts. Again keep this in a sprayed baking sheet and keep it again in a warm place for another 10-20 mts. Then deep fry the donuts both sides. Decorate with chocolate or vanilla glaze or cinnamon mix & decorate with some sprinkles. Enjoy your doughnuts.  

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