Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies

Butter 150 gms
Brown sugar 150 gms
Egg 1
Vanilla essence 1 -2 tsp
Plain flour or maida 225 gms
Soda bicarbonate 1/2 tsp
Chocolate chip 200 gms

( if you wants to make more crispy cookies use half white sugar & half brown sugar )

Put the butter and sugars into a bowl and beat until creamy. Beat in the vanilla extract and egg. Sieve the flour, and bicarbonate of soda over the mixture and mix in with a wooden spoon. Add the chocolate chips and stir well.

Line a cookie sheet with baking paper,
Use a spoon or scoop, place a small amount of mixture well apart in the baking tray, then put this tray in the fringe for 10 mts, then bake for 10 mts or until it’s done( edges turn light brown) in a 180 degree C preheated oven. Take out from the oven , allow it to cool in the tray few mts then transfer into a wire track , let it cool completely. Enjoy with your cup of tea.


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