Chocolate Chip/M&M Cookies

Cookies are very popular among kids. This is very easy recipe , make within 30 mts, no need big machine, very yummy &delicious.  Can keep this in an airtight container for atleast a week.

Self raising flour 11/2 cup

butter  1/2 cup

soft brown sugar 1/2 cup

white sugar 1/4 cup

(you like hard cookies add more white sugar &less brown sugar, )

egg 1

vanilla essence 1 tsp

chocolate chips/ m&m 1/2 cup

1:- preheat oven 180 degree

2:- mix butter &sugar well

3:-add egg & mix well, then add vanilla

4:-now add the flour &chocolate chips/m&m ,&mix until combined

5:- make small balls, then gently press down &place on the tray

6:-bake for 8-10mts or until its done

Enjoy with hot cup of tea 🙂




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