Spicy Pork Fry(South Indian Style)

This is very authentic south indian style dish, i know many people doesnt like pork, i only like pork fry.
So this is how i make my pork fry, (i tried many times, but didnt get the way i wanted. now i got it right.)
Different people make this in different way.. this is my way of making perfect pork fry with a very few ingredients.
Try this &Enjoy


Pork sliced 1 kg(curry pieces)
Ginger garlic paste 1 tbs(or 1 bulb garlic &1 inch ginger minced)
Curry leaves
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder 4-5 tsp(according to your taste)
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tbs
Coconut pieces(optional)

Heat oil in a nonstick pan, add ginger garlic paste , saute well ,then add the coconut pieces if you are using, saute for a minute then add the sliced pork &salt to taste. Mix well until its all coated with oil.
Then add the turmeric powder & chilly powder ,&heaps of curry leaves. Saute well & put the lid/cover on &cook low medium heat for 30-45 minutes. Stir in between.
Add water if needed.(for me no need extra water, but different place , different types of pork meat, so adjust according to it).
Once the pork almost done remove the lid & add pepper powder , &saute until you get the perfect pork fry.

(Note: dont overcook the pork, dont add too much water if you are adding water. add extra oil if needed during frying time, adjust the chilly powder &pepper powder according to your taste)

Enjoy the spicy pork fry with rice 🙂

Lemon Cake

This is very moist &delicious cake

2 cup self raising flour

1¾ cup sugar

2-3tsp lemon rind

2 large eggs

1 cup vegetable oil

½ tsp salt

1 cup plain yoghurt

2 – 3 Tbsp lemon juice

Add the sugar, eggs and oil, then whisk together.

Add the salt, yoghurt and lemon juice and mix again.

Sift in the flour and fold in until just combined.

Pour cake mixture into prepared pan and bake in a 180 degree C preheated oven for 40-60 minutes or until the skewer comes out clean.

lemon cake

Enjoy 🙂

A Toddler Food Guide

Most of the parents think , feeding the toddler is one of the hardest job. And we are not sure whether they had enough or not. I find this is helpful. Hope you like it

How much food: 1-2 years
Vegetables and legumes – 2-3 serves
Fruit – ½ serve
Grain – 4
Lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seed – 1
Milk, yoghurt, cheese – 1 – 1.5
Additional serves – 0
How much food: 2-3 years
Vegetables and legumes – 2.5 serves
Fruit – 1 serve
Grain – 4
Lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seed – 1
Milk, yoghurt, cheese – 1.5
Additional serves – 0-1
What does a ‘serve’ look like?
While those in the dietician world think of this ‘serve’ measurement as intrinsic knowledge, lets break it down into layman’s terms.

A serve of vegetables:
½ cup of cooked green or orange vegetables
½ cup of cooked/canned beans, peas or lentils
1 cup of leafy, raw greens
½ cup sweet corn
½ medium potato
1 medium tomato

A serve of fruit:
1 medium apple, banana, orange or pear
2 small apricots, kiwi fruit or plums
1 cup of diced/canned fruit (no added sugar)
*Note – you can occasionally swap this for half a cup of fruit juice (no added sugar) or 30g of dried fruit

A serve of grains:
1 slice of bread
½ cup of cooked rice, pasta, noodles, quinoa, polenta etc.
½ cup of cooked porridge
¼ cup of muesli
1 crumpet1 small English muffin
3 crispbreads (35gm)

A serve of lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs:
65g cooked red meats
80g cooked poultry (chicken or turkey)
100g cooked fish fillet
1 small can of fish
2 large eggs
1 cup cooked/canned beans/lentils/chick peas
170g tofu
A serve of milk, yoghurt, cheese:
1 cup fresh milk, long-life milk, soy milk, rice milk
2 slices hard cheese
½ cup ricotta cheese
3/4 cup yogurt




I am so excited to share this recipe with you. This is a New Zealand special dessert, quite popular all over the world especially during Christmas. This is mainly a summer X’mas dessert. When we read the recipe feel easy but it can be tricky. Christmas is nearly here.
Please try. This is so yummy , delicious and tasty. Very spongy inside , crunchy outside, & sweet.
I am very pleased the way it came out.very proud , everybody really liked it.


6 x size 7 egg whites (at room temperature)
1 3/4 cup caster sugar
2 teaspoons cornflour
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla paste
1 tablespoon boiling water

Preheat oven to 110 C. Place egg whites in the bowl of a mixer (it’s very important bowl and whisk are perfectly clean). Whisk until soft peaks form when the beater is lifted from the mixture. Continue to mix, gradually add sugar at a tablespoon or so at a time and waiting between each addition, add cornflour with last of the sugar. It might take 5-6 minutes. Continue to mix another few more mts.Lastly add vinegar, vanilla and boiling water and allow to mix a minute more.
Using a pencil draw a circle on a piece of baking paper. Place the baking paper on a baking tray. Spoon the mix into the circle, smoothing the sides.
Place the tray in the oven and cook for 1 1/2 hours. Turn the oven off without opening the door and allow to cool for at least 2 hours more or overnight. Now your Pavlova is ready for garnish. You can use some whipping cream & fresh fruits to decorate. Enjoy.

( note: very imp: your kitchen utensil must be extra clean, no oil trace in the whisk or bowl. Use a tissue with few drops of vinegar to clean the bowl before use.

2: only use room temperature egg whites & be very careful not even a trace of egg yolk

3: Don’t open the oven door until it’s completely done , including the cooling down time. Around 4-6 hours
4: highly recommended to watch some videos in the you tube how to make perfect pavlova. )

Doughnut/Donut Buns

Plain flour 4 cups

dried active yeast 1 sachet (7gm)

caster sugar 3 tbs

butter, melted 50gm

egg 1

salt 1tsp

warm whole milk 1 cup(not hot or cold)


Add yeast &sugar into milk &keep it aside for 5-10 mts

mix flour &salt in a large bowl

then add melted butter &egg into the milk mixture &mix well

make a well into the flour ,then pour the egg mixture &mix

now the fun part knead knead knead until you get a nice smooth dough 5-10 minutes(you can use mixer if you have one) if you feel the dough is too sticky add additional flour to the surface)

Place the dough into the bowl and cover with the tea towel, leave in a warm dry place foratleastt 45 minutes until doubled in size.

After 45 minutes ,punch down the dough,then remove the dough from the bowl, knead for another mt,

using a rolling pin , roll the dough 1 inch thick &cut out into round buns or use can simply make small balls.

leave this in a baking tray for another 15-30mts until its again double in size

then heat oil in a kadai (medium heat)fry each donuts both sides until its turns golden brown.

take some sugar in a bowl , coat each donuts with sugar while it warm.

once its warm down use a spoon or stick make a hole in the donut &fill your favourite filling. (jam or whipping cream etc)


Cornflakes Laddu

Laddu is a very famous sweet all over India. Usually laddus are made with besan. This is very easy  &instant.

1 pkt cornflakes crushed

50 gm ghee

300 gm condensed milk

raisins (optional)

Grease your hand with some ghee or use warm water, make small ball.

Your laddu ready now

Enjoy 🙂

Chocolate Chip/M&M Cookies

Cookies are very popular among kids. This is very easy recipe , make within 30 mts, no need big machine, very yummy &delicious.  Can keep this in an airtight container for atleast a week.

Self raising flour 11/2 cup

butter  1/2 cup

soft brown sugar 1/2 cup

white sugar 1/4 cup

(you like hard cookies add more white sugar &less brown sugar, )

egg 1

vanilla essence 1 tsp

chocolate chips/ m&m 1/2 cup

1:- preheat oven 180 degree

2:- mix butter &sugar well

3:-add egg & mix well, then add vanilla

4:-now add the flour &chocolate chips/m&m ,&mix until combined

5:- make small balls, then gently press down &place on the tray

6:-bake for 8-10mts or until its done

Enjoy with hot cup of tea 🙂