Homemade Sweet Red Wine

Its already December. Christmas time. Make your own wine for this X’mas. Its very easy to make but the waiting time is hard.


seedless red grapes 11/2 kg

sugar 1 kg(you can adjust the sugar)

yeast 2 pkt(wine yeast preferred)

cardamom 4-5 (optional)

cinnamon 1 stick(optional)

gloves 5-6(optional)

lukewarm water 2 L

a big glass jar

  1. Clean &wash your grapes
  2. Put it in the jar
  3. Slightly smash your grapes with a wooden spoon
  4. Add all the other ingredients & stir until all the sugar dissolve
  5. Tightly close the jar &keep it in cool dark place for 21 days
  6. Stir every alternate day with a dry wooden spoon for 1-2 minutes
  7. 21 st day strain the wine through a muslin cloth &discard the grapes
  8. Pour &keep it in a bottle
  9. Allow 1-2 days to to get pure wine (all small sediments settle down)
  10. Now you can enjoy your wine or save it for future.



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