Rainbow chiffon cake


Colourful Chiffon Cake(Rainbow Cake)

I made this beautiful colour cake for the father’s day. And i decorated it with the most trendy mirror glaze. i will post the mirror glaze recipe soon.

6 Egg
125 gm Sugar
4 tbsp Oil
60 ml Milk
½ tsp vanilla essence
110 gm Self-raising four
¼ tsp Cream of tartar

1 tsp Cocoa powder(for chocolate colour)
colours of your choice

1:-preheat the oven 170 degree
2:-prepare the tin
3:- separate the egg yolk &white
4:- beat egg white +cream of tartar+75 gm sugar until you get stiff peak form
5:- mix all other ingredients well
6:- combine white +yolk mix gently
7:- divide batter in to different bowl then your colour of choice
8:-add the batter into the prepared pan one by one
9:- bake for 35-45 minutes /until its done
10:- decorate /slice &enjoy:)