Tomato Wine

Hi friends,
I hope everyone had a good X’MAS. We had a nice one.
Did anyone tried tomato wine?
It was a hit in our X’mas party, so please try & enjoy.

Ingredients you need

Tomato 1 kg
Sugar 1 kg(you can adjust the sugar how sweet you want)
Warm water 11/2 L
Yeast 1 sachet (7gm) (wine yeast preferred)
Cinnamon stick 1
Can/bottle 5-7 L Capacity

(extra 1/2 cup sugar for caramelising for the golden colour)

Wash &dry your tomato &slice or smash it nicely
Add all other ingredients
Mix it well &close it nicely
Keep it in a cool dry place for 10 days
Stir everyday with a dry wooden spoon(atleast alternate days)
on 10 th day strain your wine
Caramelise your extra sugar , let it cool &add to your wine to get that golden colour(optional)

Banana Strawberry Milkshake

Easy, delicious, healthy milkshake. Very simple to make.

Banana 1 chopped fresh/frozen

Strawberry   few fresh /frozen

Milk 1 1/2 cup (to make 2 cups) fresh /frozen

Ice blocks (optional)(if you are using fresh milk use some ice blocks)

Chocolate sauce (optional)

Blend all together until you get nice smooth milkshake.

Serve immediately


Homemade Sweet Red Wine

Its already December. Christmas time. Make your own wine for this X’mas. Its very easy to make but the waiting time is hard.


seedless red grapes 11/2 kg

sugar 1 kg(you can adjust the sugar)

yeast 2 pkt(wine yeast preferred)

cardamom 4-5 (optional)

cinnamon 1 stick(optional)

gloves 5-6(optional)

lukewarm water 2 L

a big glass jar

  1. Clean &wash your grapes
  2. Put it in the jar
  3. Slightly smash your grapes with a wooden spoon
  4. Add all the other ingredients & stir until all the sugar dissolve
  5. Tightly close the jar &keep it in cool dark place for 21 days
  6. Stir every alternate day with a dry wooden spoon for 1-2 minutes
  7. 21 st day strain the wine through a muslin cloth &discard the grapes
  8. Pour &keep it in a bottle
  9. Allow 1-2 days to to get pure wine (all small sediments settle down)
  10. Now you can enjoy your wine or save it for future.


Hot Chocolate (Starbucks Style )

Unsweetened good quality cocoa powder 1tsp

milk 3/4 cup

water 2-3 tbs

sugar 1-2 tsp

salt a very small pinch

chocolate syrup (optional for decoration)

mix water &cocoa power in a microwave safe bowl,

then heat for 30-40 secs, stir well

Froth the milk using a blender or frothier(See my coffee recipe)

Then add to the cocoa mix &stir

Put it in the microwave for another 50-60 secs

Your hot chocolate ready

Serve hot & Enjoy.

Dates Banana Milkshake


Iron is very important for kids development. dates are one of the best source of iron. Try this drink with dates. Your kids will love this(you can also try). Its really sweet &yummy.

Dates Banana Milkshake

Dates few (pitted)
(sock it in the milk or little water for few mts to get better result, its bit hard to blend completely)

Banana 1(peeled &sliced)
Cold or freezed milk 1 cup
Ice cubes few(optional)

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