Carrot Cake

carrot cake

A very quick , easy, yummy cake.
No hard mixing, not much unfamiliar ingredient but still delicious. Very soft & fluffy . I made this cake within one hour.
Carrot cake
I posted this recipe before ( courtesy tastemade) but I made some changes
Carrot peeled & sliced
Sugar 1 cup
Egg 3
Oil 3/4 cup
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Baking soda 1/2 tsp
Self raising flour 2 cup
Sieve baking soda & flour & keep it aside
Add all other ingredients in a blender & blend together nicely
Then pour this mix into the flour , mix until well corporate.
Then pour into the prepared tin
Bake for 25-30 minutes / until it’s done in a 180 degree preheated oven.

Carrot Oats Raisins Muffins

This is vey delicious, super moist & yummy muffins. My kids are not very fond of eating veges. (like me 😦  )

But they love muffins, so i thought this way is amazing.

You can keep this for 5 days in an air tight container, & this is perfect snack for your kids lunch box.

2 cups self raising flour

1 cup  rolled oats

1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/2tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

3/4 cup light brown sugar

2 cup grated carrot (4-5 medium carrots)

2 large eggs

1/2tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup  milk,

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup raisins

Preheat oven to 180C/350F and line the muffin tin with paper cup.

Place the flour, oats, bicarb, spices and sugar into a large bowl and stir until combined.

Add in the grated carrot and raisins and stir until they are coated in flour.

Place eggs, vanilla extract, milk and vegetable oil into a jug and beat lightly.

Pour over the dry ingredients and mix until there are no lumps of flour left. Don’t overmix.

Fill the muffin cups 3/4.

Bake for 15-20 minutes,or an inserted skewer into the centre comes out clean.

Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Enjoy 🙂

Pickled Carrot

This is spicy tangy finger food. Very easy to make , you can make this well in advance.

Carrot peeled & sliced 8-10

Green Chilly 10-15

White vinegar 1 cup

water 1 cup

whole black pepper few

bay leaves 2-3

sugar 1 tbs

salt 1 tsp

In a saucepan, mix white vinegar, white sugar, salt, pepper and water. Bring the mixture to a boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Place the carrots in sterile containers. Cover with the vinegar solution. Seal the containers.Refrigerate carrots 12 hours or overnight before serving.


Carrot Mushroom Thoran

This is a south indian style side dish, goes well with rice.

carrot grated 2
mushroom sliced 250 gms
onion sliced 1
green chilly
curry leaves
red whole chilly
garlic gloves 4-5 sliced
mustard seeds
coconut shredded
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp

Heat oil in a pan, splutter the mustard , add red chilly,

then garlic, curry leaves, saute well ,

then add onion &green chilly, saute for few minutes,

then add mushroom & turmeric powder ,

cook until mushroom half done,

then add the carrot &coconut,


mix well, cook until its done. No need to cover the pan, saute in between.


Carrot Raisins Cake

Carrot Raisins Cake.

its a very moist, healthy &delicious cake. easy to prepare.
try &enjoy the beautiful carrot cake.

¾ cup self-raising flour
¾ cup wholemeal or plain flour(i used plain flour)
½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup fine Sugar
3 large eggs
1 cup sunflower or canola oil
1 tsp Vanilla essence
¾ cup chopped walnuts (optional)
2 cups grated carrot
½ cup sultanas or raisins
2 TBsp desiccated coconut (optional)

preheat the oven 180degree C (160 in fan forced oven)
sift flour,spices &soda together and keep it aside, beat egg &sugar nicely,then add oil &vanilla essence ,mix well ,
now add the dry ingredients flour mix ,carrot &raisins. gently mix with a spatula and pour into a prepared pan and bake for 50-60mts or until its done. take out from the oven &allow to cool in a wire rack &ENJOY