Rainbow Fruit Jelly


Its a very easy dessert, can make this for kids birthday party or rainbow themed party.

jello 3 pkt(1 strawberry/ raspberry ,1 blueberry&1 lemon)mix according to the packet instruction &keep it aside to cool

Fruits sliced i used strawberry &blueberry

Small round/square bowls

1:_Fill the bowl 1/3 the red jelly & add strawberries& keep it in the fridge until the top thicken(u can put this in the freezer for 15 mts instead to speed up the process)

2:_Once its slightly set add the cold blueberry jelly mix very slowly to make the second layer &add your fresh fruits

3:_repeat the process again, after 15mts in the freezer add the 3 rd lemon jelly very carefully

4:_keep  this in the fridge until its completely set(preferred overnight)





Jelly Magic

Jelly Magic


Different colour jelly ( I use blueberry & orange jelly, u can As many colour u like)
( prepare according to packet instructions) keep it in the fridge.

Milk 2 cups
Cream 1/2 cup
Sugar 2-3tbs
Gelatine or agar agar 11/2 tbs

Once jelly set in the fridge boil milk & cream together. Switch off the heat and add gelatine & sugar. Mix throughly until all the gelatine dissolve in the milk. Keep it aside to cool. While take out the jelly , cut into small pieces and put it in the desired shape container. Then add the cooled milk mix to the jelly and again put it back to the fridge to set the milk jelly mix. Once it’s done, take out from the fridge & cut it into the desired shape & serve it. Kids will love this colour full treat. Enjoy…..!