Russian Potato Salad

potato 2-3 boiled,peeled & sliced

carrot 2 boiled,peeled & sliced

egg 3 hard boiled &sliced

peas 1 cup

onion 1 chopped

green capsicum 1 chopped

green onion few chopped

bologna or luncheon 3 chopped

crushed black pepper

mayonnaise 3 tbs

salt to taste

Mix all these together nicely, your yummy russian salad ready. You can prepare this ahead &keep it in the fridge.


Fresh tropical fruit salad

Fresh Tropical Fruit Salad

You can any fruit of your choices

How I made is

2 kiwi fruit
1 banana
1 Apple
5 strawberry sliced into 4
Grapes green and black cut into half
1 orange

Slice all the fruits into almost same sizes
Add one lemon juice & 2 Tbs sugar( optional)
Mix nicely. Your yummy fresh fruit salad is ready. Enjoy.