Fondant Peppa pig Figure

Peppa pig is a very famous cartoon character. Most of the kids love watching peppa. Make your kids favourite cartoon character for their birthday is a proud. check this out & try yourself. I am sure you can do it if i can.

what you need is

Colours (red, pink, black)
(if you need any additional info please ask, if i can i will definitely help.)

(i am not a professional , so this is my simple way, its not 100%)

peppa head. make a ball with pink fondant, then with your hand roll one side thinner, then the end of the thinner side just tap it into the bench. (until you get a desired shape, see pic)

peppa body a slightly bigger ball of red colour fondant , then roll slightly on oval shape, tap the bigger side into the bench.

peppas hands and legs roll thin 4 stripes of pink fondant, then for hands , slightly press one side of the strip, (see pic,) then cut 2 lines, then shape it into fingers. for legs attach 2 small oval shape black fondant to the strips.

now attach all together. for eyes 2 small white ball fondant , gently press with your finger, make a round,then 2 very small ball black & do the same. for nose make 2 intend with tooth pic (see pic) for ears, 2 small pink fondant , gently press with your fingers & make an oval shape for tail , small stripe of pink fondant, just make a loop for mouth , a small stripe dark pink fondant, make both ends slightly thinner, attach all small parts with little bit water , your peppa pig ready.