Kallappam or vellayappam


Traditionally this is made with toddy or kallu. That why it’s called kallappam.
Pachari 2 1/2 cup ( washed & soaked for at least 4-6 hours)
Grated coconut 11/2 cup
Cooked red rice 1/2 cup( if you haven’t got cooked rice , you can use 3 Tbs aval, soak it in the water for few mts and use or cook 3 tbs rava or semolina and make a thick paste & use it)
2: Yeast 2 tsp
Sugar 3 tbs
Warm water 3-4 tbs
( if you can get toddy in your place please replace yeast & warm water with 1/2 cup toddy).
3: jeerakam or cumin seeds 1 tsp
Garlic 3-4 pods
Shallot or chuvannulli 2

4 : salt to taste

Mix all 2 ingredients & keep it aside

Grind all 1 ingredients together. (You can use the same water ,make thick batter like idli batter consistency) then add 2 mix and blend it nicely . Keep it aside for few hours to ferment or overnight especially if you are live in cold weather. ( or put your oven in the warmer mode & keep this batter inside the over for 1-2 hours, if you want to make it soon)

Once it’s done , grind all the 3 rd ingredients, make a smooth paste, & mix this and salt to the batter. Now your batter is ready to make kallappam. Use a nonstick pan or appam chatti to make appam. Pour one thava or big spoon batter into the pan, let it spread itself, ( if you feel it’s not spreading by itself just spread slightly with the back of the ladle, it should be thick circular shape.)
You will see a lot of small holes forming while cooking,
Then flip it over & cook other side. Don’t need to cover while cooking kallappam. Enjoy with chicken stew or chicken curry or egg roast or vegetable stew. ( please refer swappu’s kitchen for side dish recipes). Try this & let me me know if you like it or post your pictures). I hope you will find it easy.